Svenska Trävarugruppen AB (STVG) today present a merger with Fredricsons Trä AB, effective from June 30, 2020.

Fredricsons Trä AB is one of the leading wood processing and warehousing distributors of wood, panel products, and building materials to the woodworking industry.
Fredricsons Trä, with its headquarter in Arlöv north east of Malmoe has five sites in Sweden, and a purchase office in Bosnia. The company had a turnover of 350 MSEK in 2019 and has today around 60 employees.
Fredricsons Trä is a reputable and well-thought-off company with an impressive width and know-how. Fredricsons Trä represents many strong brands in the industry and is the market leader in several areas.

” The merger is an important step towards fulfilling STVG’s vision of becoming a modern and market-leading One-Stop Shop for wood-based goods and products”, say Ulric Wilhelmsson CEO in STVG.
“ The sister companies WiWood and Fredricsons Trä together have a turnover of more than SEK 500 million and are here given the best conditions to offer our customers the widest product range in the market – to the highest level of service. The group now covers the Swedish market from the Stockholm region and south. Supported with an established round-trip traffic, we will be able to deliver complete supply to the customer-designated destination at short notice”, Ulric Wilhelmsson continues. With this merger, the Group is becoming an even more interesting partner for both suppliers and customers, and in addition to an efficient distribution system, we will also have considerable capacity for customized processing of materials.

“With the opportunities the merger with Svenska Trävarugruppen, I am more than convinced that Fredricsons Trä will have an exciting future. Although AB Andersson & Sjöberg now is handing over the ownership, the former owner’s family looks forward to being part of the continued journey and guarantees that the company’s core values and identity will set the tone in the company also in the future”, comments Magnus Persson, MD, Fredricsons Trä.

Fredricsons Trä’s operations will continue as before, and the change of ownership will not affect the relationships with existing customers or suppliers. Fredricsons Trä, is a company with almost 100 years in the woodworking industry, now investing in the future!

Svenska Trävarugruppen (STVG) with subsidiaries Grimslöv Trä & List AB, Interior Wood AB and WiWood AB, among others, has its headquarters in Hjortsberga and is owned by Peter Gyllenhammar AB (PGAB).
Beside the headquarter in Arlöv and the purchase office in Bosnia, Fredricsons Trä has operations in Gothenburg, Rönås (Olofström), Stockholm and Vaggeryd. KPMG Corporate Finance has been financial advisor to AB Andersson & Sjöberg in connection with the sale of Fredricsons Trä AB

For more information, please contact:
Ulric Wilhelmsson, CEO, Svenska Trävarugruppen AB

Magnus Persson, VD/MD, Fredricsons Trä AB


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